Refer your friends to your favourite stores using facebook, twitter, blogger, word-press or live-journal and be rewarded

Success Stories
What I like about Social Loot is that I can make $100 or two by just posting a couple of times each day. I pick messages that my Facebook friends would jump at, and it just works. It’s so easy.
I started using Social Loot a couple of weeks ago, and I gotta say, this is just a brilliant concept. I can’t believe it hasn’t been around for longer.
The ads I post make sense – they’re about stuff I like, stuff my friends like, and I make a bit of cash to buy my wife a nice bouquet of flowers each week, which keeps her happy. Now that I think about it - Social Loot’s actually contributed to our relationship!
I like cameras and clothes and phones and different lipsticks. And they’re on Social Loot. So that’s what I use Social Loot for. With the bit I make, I buy a few new things each month and I don’t need pocket money from mum so she’s happy
I’ve been eyeing a particularly nice new drill but the wife told me we couldn’t fit it into our budget. That’s where Social Loot came in. I expect the drill to arrive on Monday. Fantastic stuff
Do I know how much I will get paid before I post?
Yes. For Facebook, we show you exactly how much you will earn per referral before you are asked to finalise the post. For Twitter, we either show you a fixed fee based on your number of followers or we show you how much you will earn per referral.
What if I post and then delete it?
For Twitter, you will only get paid if the post stays on your wall for a minimum of 7 days. For Facebook, posts are based on a referral fee and if the post is not visible, you will of course not receive any referrals.
What if I post any message just to earn the money?
Social Loot aims to create an environment that is good for Socialites and for Businesses. If you try to post messages that you do not believe or you do not think will benefit your friends, we will limit your access to post.
Payments to Socialites
Do I still get paid if I post messages before I link to Paypal?
Yes. You can start posting immediately regardless if you have a Paypal account. As soon as you have linked your Social Loot account to Paypal and have reached the minimum payment threshold of $50, we will transfer your money to you (including the money for posts made prior to linking to Paypal).
When do I get paid?
  1. Once you reach $50, you qualify for payment.
  2. On the 1st of the month, you will receive notification of how much money you have earned to the end of the previous month.
  3. At the end of the month you will receive payment of that amount.
  4. All further posts will start to build up against your next payment.
Does it cost to join?
No. Socialites are never asked for money. Social Loot charges businesses to participate and we pay Socialites for spreading messages that they believe in and feel that their friends will benefit from knowing.
Do I need to give my facebook login to Social Loot?
No. You do login to Social Loot with your Facebook login details, but this is handled by Facebook direct. Social Loot never has access. We do ask for a minimum number of permissions so as to fulfil our service, but you have control to accept the request. Furthermore, you can change these at any time through Facebook direct.
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